Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Graphic Novel Review Series: Superman: Earth One v2

Not too long ago I posted a positive review of Superman: Earth One volume 1 and recently I’ve found time to sit down and dive into the second volume of this series of graphic novels and once again I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I had reading through it. The second volume was once again written by JMS and illustrated by Shane Davis which I was happy to see because I felt the creative team knocked it out of the park with the first volume and having them stick together was a natural fit. The art remained high quality with Shane’s pencils giving Superman a bit of a muddy and edgy look at times with splash pages that were extremely well done and gave the hero an iconic look. JMS’s writing was extremely good in this second offering and the story flowed nicely while tying together many small plot points without losing focus on what is happening throughout the novel. I don’t know why but this series is not getting the critical acclaim I feel it deserves and while it’s sales remain high and profitable for DC it appears as if the fans and reviewers aren’t totally on board with this re-imagining of Krypton’s last son. But to be honest I could give a rats ass what critics and fans think about this book because I’m truly digging it and it’s selling favorably so there has got to be people out there who enjoy it as much as I do, and I never let critics sway my opinion on a product. My only complaint about these Earth One books is that they seem to take forever to come out, but that’s probably because it’s a large commitment to actually sit down and write a graphic novel and not just have periodicals collected into a volume. That and the creative team has other obligations in the industry and can’t give up months on end just to write a single story since their working on lots of different stories for lots of different publishers. So I get it, I’m just impatient.
The story in the second volume see’s Clark Kent getting settled into his new apartment when he meets his neighbor, a sexy 20-something who seems to be a tad promiscuous in behavior, all while learning the ropes at the Daily Planet and finding success in his articles he’s written on Superman. But in between hurdles he’s finding in the workplace an juggling a possible relationship with his neighbor he’s forced to take on a power hungry being who needs to drain energy from anything and everything it can to survive. Mainly humans. This being learns that Metropolis is home to a being of supreme power (Superman) and it travels to the city in an attempt to find the man on steel and feed off of him for unlimited power. When he gets to Metropolis and finds Superman the two engage in an epic battle that results in a big of shocking and somewhat sad ending. You can’t help but to feel sorry for the enemy in this story because he can’t really control what's happening to him and is just doing what he needs to do to survive, albeit in a violent manner, but he’s still not fully responsible when you stop to think about it.
All in all this was a fantastic volume of Superman: Earth One with a lot of interesting elements to it and if you like Superman or the idea of Superman re-imagined for the modern comic book market than you’ll probably like this series of graphic novels quite a bit. Picture Ultimate Marvel but with DC characters and instead of the stories being presented in periodicals they’re offered graphic novel form. I’m digging them and I know many of my readers trust me and my judgment so consider this my stamp of approval. As for how this volume fared versus the first volume, I’d still probably give the nod to the first volume due to it’s originality and the liberties it took on Superman’s origin, but this s a very close collection and very much worth the read. So check it out guys, you’ll probably thank me when you’re finished.  

Story& Plot - 8.5/10
Art & Illustration - 8.5/10
Inks & Colors - 8.5/10
Cast & Characters - 8/10
Overall Score - 8.5/10

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