Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dark Circle Comics: Looking ahead...

   So far Dark Circle Comics is off to a hot start with The Black Hood, a series about a junkie cop who killed a vigilante and took up his mantle, and they've got The Fox coming out this month as well as The Shield shortly after that. But what about the future and things coming up on the horizon? Well, luckily the future looks very bright as Alex Segura (the man in charge) has noted that the company wants to expand the line eventually and has already announced a series called The Hangman, which looks as if it's going to be dark and supernatural and not for the weak of heart. The Hangman appears as if it's going to be a series that pushes the envelope and introduces new ideas as well as master ideas that have already been brought to the table, something The Black Hood appears to have done in it's first two issues. There is also a one shot on the way based on The New Crusaders which is a team that Archie Comics has published in the past and many fans of this line want to see released as an ongoing or miniseries. Should sales of The New Crusaders one-shot sell in good numbers and online interest be high than there is a solid chance that we could see something more from this franchise down the road and/or see the characters show up in an existing title. There are other great characters that Dark Circle could publish that Archie owns, characters such as The Jaguar, Comet, Firefly, The Wizard, Captain Flag, and Mr. Justice could see publication in either a one shot, mini, or ongoing series. I know many fans are high on The Jaguar and Mr. Justice so I'd imagine if they use the web to their advantage and write into Archie that they'll see these characters in some shape or form. Alex has noted that Dark Circle is extremely dedicated to getting this line of comics off the ground and that little by little they plan on releasing new titles, but personally I'd be happy to see 5 ongoing monthly books coupled with some revolving mini's to flesh out the universe. I'd even be fine with none of the books being ongoing and everything being released as ongoing mini's with new numbering to generate ongoing interest with the "collectors" out there. Either way, Dark Circle appears to be dedicated to making these books a success and I'm hoping to see more and more people jump on as the line begins to mature.
    But beyond the characters that could see release I'm more excited for the kinds of stories we'll eventually be reading. The Black Hood has been so good in its first two issues that I can only imagine how good the other books will be once they see release. Admittedly I'm not too excited about The Fox, it's the kind of book that appears as if it could be goofy and kind of cheesy, but The Shield looks extremely interesting as does The Hangman. Events and crossovers are a great way to face a major threat that challenges the world (as long as it's not overdone like Marvel likes to do) and I'm sure we'll be seeing some great interactions among the characters after they see print in their own books. I'm hoping to see some epic encounters between the heroes and some epic villains that would translate well to an animated series, movie, or video game since comics always seem to be the driving force into the much desired media world. If Dark Circle could get even one character to catch the eye of Hollywood and are able to produce a film that makes a decent profit and pulls in some favorable reviews than they'd be all set and it would almost guarantee that the line of comics stays in publication. Hell, even that god awful Spawn film back in the 90's made Image some good scratch which helped the publisher out, not that they were hard up for cash or anything. But honestly, at the end of the day it's all about the stories presented in the comics that matter and if it's something that fans will want to pick up and re-read multiple times throughout their lives and the impression that was left on them by the material. I guess time will tell what will become of Dark Circle Comics but I do know that it's doing things right thus far (delays aside) and if the fans dig whats in between the front and back covers than the publisher should enjoy a lengthy stay on comic book store shelves. Well, until next time folks.....

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  1. Super excited for where this line is going. Black Hood is #1 book in shoppes.