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Photobucket    Claymore. What can I say? This anime has been one of the most enjoyable pieces of animation I have ever had the pleasure of watching and it has left an impression on me that very few animated works have achieved. I'm going to start this review off with the story of Claymore and what you can look forward to seeing in this anime, but before reading on please keep in mind that this is just my feelings on this series and many may agree or disagree depending upon their personal taste so please don't take my word for it, go and watch it. The story kicks off with an angry monster called a "Yoma" wreaking havoc in a small village and killing many of its residents which triggers the town folk to hire a woman known as a "Claymore" (Clare) to come and kill the Yoma before it kills off everyone in the village. Through these series of events she is introduced to Raki, a young boy who's family was killed by the monster she is hunting. Raki begins to grow attatched to Clare and begs to come along with her on her journey as her cook, which was an odd request that she couldn't quite comprehend, Clare eventually agrees and the two begin to get closer and closer as the series progresses, Eventually they do end up becoming separated as the story progresses only to find each other once again toward the end of the story, which I felt was handled perfectly.
Throughout Clare's adventures she finds herself at odd's with the same organization that she serves and eventually falls into a group of girls who are beginning to see the twisted reality that the Claymore organization stands for and they make a pact to keep their own ulterior motives to themselves and stick together. The group is sooner or later targeted by the higher ups in the Claymore organization and are given a series of jobs to kill some of the most powerful Yoma's in the world as a punishment. These ultra powerful Yoma are referred to as "Eaters" or "Awakened Beings" and are the most dangerous of all Yoma. Throughout the 26 episodes of Claymore you will see many Awakened Beings and some of the battle scenes that take place with these monsters are really some of the best and most exciting fight's I have seen in an anime. Seriously, it's pretty spectacular in my opinion and I'm sure you will enjoy them too as you progress through the show. One fight in particular that was really impressive takes place between a group of Claymore and a giant Yoma, who is controlled by a young girl who is actually an ultra powerful Awakened Being herself, but has not taken on the form yet. It was really impressive and very long so keep an eye out for that one as I felt it was a real treat. I would say that this is one of the rare anime series out there that takes its action and story and blends it into a perfect mix and balances it out nicely throughout it's entire run and my hat is off to the creators for that and I wish more anime/manga writers would strive to achieve this.
The art and animation in this series was a real high point for me and for its time I'd put it up against any other show going on at the time, CGI aside (but thats cheating). The characters looked quite a bit liuke their manga counterparts but with a little higher detail and it just worked, especially the way the Yoma's looked, very well done and I'd say the overall art production team did a phenomenal job. Too add to the amazing visuals the producers selected some amazing music for this anime also, which really helped to create an awesome atmosphere whether the viewer was witnessing a fight scene or a shot of the group sitting around and relaxing. I truly can't speak high enough of the musical score, all 26 episodes feature music that just makes the show fly right by and cliffhangers really epic. So yeah, production wise Claymore shines bright whether it be its intense story, amazing musical score, or slick animation, it just knocks the ball out of the park in almost every category. One complaint I've heard time and time again about this show is the way they handled the blood, as if the way the blood flows is some kind of a way to judge a television show or something. Seriously? We're going to complain about the blood? Get over yourself, people. That's just silly anime elitist bullshit that gets no play in this ride, I thought I'd just share the blood aspect of this show because there are those out there who may be thinking of watching Claymore with their children who may want to know about the level of violence in this show (which is pretty vast, in my opinion). Another complaint I've heard is that the show strayed from the manga quite a bit and that seemed to bother a lot of people. I'm not one of those fans who believe that the anime and manga should be 100% accurate to eachother with ZERO room for creative changes, to me....that's shallow thinking and just more elitist bullshit. I love the changes made in shows like Claymore or the original Fullmetal Alchemist and I've always felt changes are what separates the printed works from the animated spectacle, people just need to be a little more open to alterations. Consider my thought process being that if I've read the manga than I have no reason to watch the anime if it's going to be exactly the same. That would be redundant. Well, I'm out ya'll, enjoy the ratings below!

Art & Animation - 9.0
Music & Sound Effects - 9.0
Story & Writing -9.5
Fun & Enjoyment - 9.0
Overall Score - 9.0
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