Monday, March 31, 2014

Upcoming goodies and Free Comic Book Day fun with Project Black Sky!


     So comic book fans, what does Dark Horse have planned for Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) and Project Black Sky? As of right now only the publisher and the creators know, but I can tell you this ladies and gentlemen: It's going to be huge. Almost every creator within the Project Black Sky world has promised that we will find out more about the storyline that they've been weaving into their books over the past several months, something that is exciting it's readers as the news trickles out, but what could it be? Not only do we want to know what it will be but we want to know how it will be presented. Personally, I'm thinking we may get some kind of one-shot where we finally get to see what's going on behind the scenes of Project Black Sky from a non-hero perspective and how it's all going to tie into the rest of the line. Or maybe they'll toss us a one-shot where we are given some kind of hints pertaining to this summers big crossover event that has been teased in interviews posted at Comic Book Resources, which I think is less likely but not outside the realm of possibility. One thing we know is that it's going to feature Captain Midnight and Brain Boy. I think the fact that Midnight and Brain Boy are the two the story will focus on is very interesting because they're the two books that connect the most to the Project Black Sky plot. What's even more interesting is that it appears, judging by the cover of the FCBD issue, that Captain Midnight is about to throw down with Ape-X, a character that hasn't seen print in almost 20 years. Holy smokes! All I know is that big things are coming for this fun and entertaining line of books being published by Dark Horse and I think something big is looming and when it hits it's going to kick us right in the ass. As long as no steel toe boots are used than I'm pretty sure I can take the shot (silly humor, sorry).
    Personally, while I'm excited for the big FCBD news I think I'm more excited about the upcoming event that will bring these heroes together this summer as well as the upcoming Captain Midnight story, "A Better Tomorrow". As a fan, I guess I'm just excited for whatever Dark Horse chooses to give us as it pertains to these books, this has been the best launch of comic characters since good ol' Crossgen Comics back in 2000 and the publisher seems extremely dedicated to make sure that these books are worked on by top tier talent. Which, in my opinion, is the best possible thing you can do when getting a new line of comics off the ground. With solid writing and exceptional art I don't see how this summer could be anything short of amazing with Dark Horse at the helm and I'm excited to finally see how everything goes down after months and months of teasers.
  In any event, this wasn't meant to be a long and involving post or anything, I mainly just wanted to post a heads up to those following the Dark Horse Project Black Sky line of comics about everything going on. Until next time guys, keep watching the skies!

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  1. I've been reading these, they're exceptionally well done. Way better than DC and Marvel. Too bad DH lost the SW license.

    1. Bad for Star Wars (Marvel is rebooting DH's 'expanded SW universe'), but good Dark Horse Heroes -- something's got to take up the space vacated on DH's schedule by SW titles, and Dark Horse Heroes is it.

  2. I sneaked a peek and read it. Great story, great art. Doesn't really spill any new info on Project Black Sky, but nice character interaction between two polar opposites.

    Where did Ape-X first appear?

  3. Ape-X had his own book back in the day, I believe. I never cared much for him, but maybe his Black Sky counterpart will grab me.

  4. Tried looking up "Ape X", Ape-X", and "ApeX" on but got no hits. My guess would be you're thinking of the similar character Cy-Gor, who appeared in some Spawn-related series from Image back 20 years or more ago. Also pretty sure the name Ape-X has been used before, somewhere, probably in some obscure superteam book, as part of some big villain team in a melee punchfest.